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kiki knows exactly where she is headed.

So What is This About?


the Walk of Shame!!
In conjunction with The New Colony
"Remember when you woke up in a bathtub wearing your friend's mom's brassiere? No? Well, The New Colony will jog your memory at Walk of Shame. This evening of honest-to-God tales, created by The New Colony ensemble and invited artists, will make your own worst moment (meeting your ex's fiancé or having a few too many snowtinis at the company holiday party) shy in comparison. The New Colony is one of the freshest creators of new work in Chicago. These energetic Colonists are beyond thrilled to hold your hair back after the hungover stumble home.
featuring performances by..."

The New Colony
The Plagiarists
Beth Stelling
Margot Bordelon & Cassy Sanders

October 16, 2009, 10:30 pm. $15. Tickets Available at the Venue.


We're hitting Chicago's favorite music/theatre/Home of the Moth Storyhour, Martyr's, next Thursday the 22nd. We're bringing our short but sweet setlist and bolstering it with interesting songs that you probably haven't heard but should. It's the Strangers' first headling show in Chicago, and after one year's time, that means a lot to us. So...be there, boys and girls!

October 22nd, 2009. only f'ing $7. Tickets Available Here.





10/12/09: So much in such a short time. Actually, quite a long time. The Dangerous Strangers' new home is Chicago, IL, and we are stepping out twice in one week. New band members, new songs, more electricity. And soon, a new website.


5/6/08: As Showtime approaches, and the excitement mounts, we look to our friends and families for love and support in making this freakin' show the best gosh darn Kiki yet.

Would you like to support the Cause? You're just one click away from Karmic Bonus points:



4/12/08: After spending a year in the halls of Corporate America and Ballrooms of the Artistic Elite, we work up the gumption to bring, to our living room of Theatre 99, a Brand New Show. With new songs, and new faces, and even more reason to laugh at our Current Situation, we plan to make four days of Kiki your favorite happening of 2008. Featuring original artwork by Charleston visual art upstart Nathan Durfee, original filmwork by Anna Shillinglaw, the improvisational stylings of Döppelgänger, and an uncomfortable amount more.

5/ 8/07:



Have you seen this little man, in the vicinity of Charleston, SC? If so, obey him! and bring him to Theater 99 on May 17, 18, 19... or any of our June shows at the Buxton Theater, and you will receive a little something something from us...




4/22: We're headed into new territory! Slowly but surely we're finding a little more method, to a madness,and we sincerely hope that your presence will be the natural bio-feedback that will help us lock in on this exciting and new direction. Like a mother-in-law that prefers not to sit shotgun so that she can bark directions from the backseat. We need our mothers-in-law! So please come to our Menage-a-Tois of dates on May 17, 18, and 19, and bring your most opinionated of friends, lovers, and countrymen!


MO: Brought together by the sheer will of a few dozen of the most attractive artists in Charleston, SC, we present to you Kiki... A name, a place, a woman, Panama. Our savior in a world that is displaying a remarkable lack of passion and grace; your savior during a time where men could be men and women, women, but why bother?

We vow to continue the good fight for life, liberty, and the pursuit of crushes on co-workers. We dream of a better place for all of us to live. We examine the possibilities of having a ménage à trois; but using cold, hard science to lend our research some credibility. Please understand this, if you understand nothing at all: Kiki is a labor of love. Labor with us for a little while.

This month you have a few opportunities to find us. Learn a little bit more by perusing this site, and come to the shows prepared; there might be a quiz.